From PPN The Efficient Strategies Independent Pet Stores Are Implementing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As I traveled to my office today, Charlotte, NC was in a total lock down. I wondered what would happen? Would the police pull me over? Would I have to explain what I do for a living? How do you explain that you sell pet supplies mainly for fish? Is that an "essential service"? Expensive, yes, essential no. On the other hand most kids first learn about death when the family goldfish get buried at sea. That's an important life lesson.

My worries are over.
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GoDaddy announces free business resources for help with Covid 19

9:07 AM

I am a GoDaddy customer and have been for years. They are little more expensive but offer great support. They do have great business general business help and they have started a web site with free resources to help us all get through this.


GoDaddy Business Support


I'm not receiving anything from GoDaddy for my support.

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