Zeolite Ammonia Remover
Zeolite Ammonia Remover

ZEO-WONDER Ammonia Remover 3000ML (76OZ) 4-8 mm (1/16-1/8") very fine Freshwater

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ZEO-WONDER 408 contains smaller chips 1/16-1/8" size chips for smaller filters that use less media and does not restrict flow. Zeolite which is a natural mineral absorbs deadly ammonia in freshwater systems. ZEO-WONDER is included with all Unimax Filter systems and is an economical filter media that can be used with any freshwater filter system for aquariums, goldfish bowls and ponds. Zeo-Wonder can be recharged with saltwater but also works well as a general filter medium in freshwater aquariums. Packed in a convenient see-through bucket with carrying handle. Available in 3000ML (approx 76oz).

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