Flow Control fits many 1/2 in outlets
Flow Control fits many 1/2 in outlets

Universal Flow control for Rena OEM 600F, 800F and older Rena Flow pumps with 1/2 in discharge

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Discharge mounted universal flow control & aerator. Fits many pumps with 1/2 discharge. See model list below: 

  • Rena OEM models w-1/2" discharge tube
  • Rena models 900,1100,40,40T
  • Fountain Pro models 65,90,125,170 and others
  • Alpine Pumps
  • Danner Pumps
  • Almost all 1/2" discharge pumps made in Asia
Tech Notes:
Originally for use with Rena Flow 900S and Rena Flow 1100S. Will work most 1/2" discharge pumps made in Asia and sold in the US by multiple companies. Please check directly with us for specific model number and/or brand. 

Can also be used as a venturi by opening the small cap on the flow control and attaching airline tubing. Reverse the flow control and you will divert a portion water from the outlet for small fountain ornament or laboratory use.

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