Complete kit with accessories for up to 750gal pond
Complete kit with accessories for up to 750gal pond

Submersible Pond Filter Kit for up to 750 gal pond by Rena OEM

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Part Number: RO1300PF
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The New Rena OEM mini-pond and fountain filter kit includes a small and very versatile submersible filter box and a Rena OEM 350 gal pump for ponds up to 750 gallons. Installation is so easy and takes less than 30 minutes to install. It works for mini-ponds, patio ponds, fountain basins and preformed decorative ponds. It functions both as a pump pre-filter and biological/mechanical filter for smaller ponds with fish and plants.

The compact Rena RO1300F (350gph) is the ideal pump for this filter. The water coming into the filter passes through two-layers of foam, coarse and fine, and then enters the bottom area of the filter that contains 10 large 2" bio-balls which host a very large bacterial colony that breaks down fish and other organic waste from plants into harmless nitrate. The nitrate can be removed from the pond during water changes or used by the plants for extra fertilization. Nitrate water also make a great fertilizer for most plants.

  • Material: High Density Polyethylene
  • Convenience Features: Pump Cord Clip, pre-drilled foams
  • Dimensions: 12"L x 5"Wx4"H
  • Filters Included: 1ea coarse, fine foam, 10 2" bio-bio balls
  • Pump Included: RO1300F
Accessories Included:
  • 1ea outlet tubing adapter w/extension
  • 2 additional tubing adapters (1/2in and 5/8in)
  • 2 fountain heads Spray and Bell
  • 1 flow control
  • 3 fountain extensions
Maintenance: Monthly clean pads, yearly rinse bio-balls in pond water.   
Pump Maintenance: Rinse out pump pre-filter, clean rotor-impeller area as needed

Tech Tip
This box can be easily converted to function as a pre-filter for an in line pump by just installing a fitting on the side of the filter box and drawing the water through the filter cover and then out the fitting which is connected to the intake of your pump. Works only if you have an inline pump with a tubing adapter to connect the tubing from the filter to the front of your pump.

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