Rena Undergravel Filter Plates 50 pack
Rena Undergravel Filter Plates 50 pack

Rena UG Plates/50 pieces per box L5.5in x W3.75in each plate Lift Tube not included *Discontinued*

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Part Number: G2150
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This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer, Rena France. Please see item G215 as a possible substitute.

Unique modular undergravel filter with snap together tiles that can be cut and shaped to fit irregular areas or stacked to create a contoured bottom. Sturdy plates will withstand up to 10 lbs of weight per plate without collapsing. Cutouts on sides can be use to run heating cables or tubing underneath the filter plates. Each plate has a bracket for the lift tube item G215 (sold separately).

  • Dimensions in: 5-1/2H x 2-3/4W x 1/2H
  • Total Square Inches: Approx 756
  • Snap together for custom installation
  • Convenient cutouts for running cables or tubing
  • Sturdy design easily accepts weight of gravel and stone
  • Can be stacked in layers for additional design techniques
  • Lift Tubes bracket on each plate
  • Lift Tubes sold separately

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