Low-Voltage Pump & Halogen Light Kit
Low-Voltage Pump & Halogen Light Kit

Rena OEM Low-Voltage Pump/Light,66gph/10watt light w/transformer, 3yr warranty

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Part Number: RO65-LT
Availability: Best Replacement for Rena Mini-Light/Pump combo
The Rena OEM Low-Voltage AC water pump and halogen light combo combines the model 65 water pump in a low voltage AC version and 12v AC 10 watt halogen light. The light cord is 12 inches long and is attached in series to the water pump which makes a very compact combination that will fit in the smallest fountain basins. The kit comes complete with indoor transformer and light stand. This kit is very similar to the Fountain Pro WT65-LT but with a brighter (10 watt)light instead of the 5 watt light. Combine this kit with many of our fountain spray kits including 40503, 40505, 40506, FP100. 

  • Max Flow: 66 gph
  • Max Lift: 25 in
  • Outlet OD: 1/2" 3/8" 1/4"
  • Watts: 10 watt pump
  • Light: Halogen 12v 5 watts
  • Transformer: 15.5 watts
  • Cord Type: 2 wire
  • Cord Length: 6' Power Cord
  • Light Cord: 12 inch length from pump to bulb
  • Dimensions in: 2.75L x 2.125W x 1.75H
  • Approvals: UL and cUL