Low Voltage Mini-Pump & LED Light Kit
Low Voltage Mini-Pump & LED Light Kit

Rena OEM Low-Voltage Pump/LED Light combo,66gph/25 in lift Blinking R,G,Y,B

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The Rena OEM Low-Voltage AC water pump LED light comb combines the model RO65LED water pump in a low voltage AC version and 12v AC LED light with 4 color array (R,G,B,Y). The light cord is 12 inches long and is attached in series to the water pump which makes a very compact combination that will fit in the smallest fountain basins. The kit comes complete with indoor transformer and the light can be used free-standing or mounted on top of the pump as pictured providing water that both shimmers and changes colors. The kit also includes a short piece of flexible tubing for mounting on top. Possible applications include ice bowl, punch bowl, tabletop fountains, ice sculpture and even small aquariums.

  • Max Flow: 66 gph
  • Max Lift: 25 in
  • Outlet OD: 5/16"
  • Watts:  2.5 watt pump
  • Light: LED rotating R,G,B,Y 12v
  • Transformer: 3.9 watts
  • Cord Type: 2 wire
  • Cord Length: 6' Power Cord
  • Light Cord: 12 inch length from pump LED
  • Dimensions in: 1 7/8"L x 1 3/4"W x 1 1/8"(H)
  • Dimensions Light: 1-1/4D" x 1/2"H
  • Center Hole Dim: 3/8"
  • Approvals: UL and cUL

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