Easy repair of Rena Air 300/400 (x2)
Easy repair of Rena Air 300/400 (x2)

Rena Air Tune Up Kit Fits Rena Air 300/400

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Part Number: 702D1
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The Rena Air Tune Up Kit fits the Rena Air 300 and 400. It includes both a valve block and diaphragm plus simple instructions for removing the old valve block and diaphragm. Generally these pump require a tune up when flow or pressure becomes low or an excessive amount of vibration and noise is coming from the pump. Most diaphragms and valve blocks will last a minimum 2 years and many last much longer.

  • Includes both Valve Block & Diaphragm
  • Fits Both Rena Air 300 & Rena Air 400 (x2)
  • Easy Repair with Phillips Screwdriver
  • Improves Pressure & Flow
IMPORTANT: The Rena Air 400 has two diaphragms and two valve blocks. If you want to repair both sides at one time you will require two complete kits. I would keep intact diaphragms for spares as these are the most difficult parts to obtain.

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