Floating Deicer w/Vent Hole
Floating Deicer w/Vent Hole

Pond De-Icer Floating 120watts, thermostat, 18ft cord ponds/fountains up to 2000gal

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Floating Pond De-Icers will keep a small area of the pond open for ventilation during winter months. This is the latest version which features a very small thermostatically controlled heating element that allows surface ice to form everywhere except where the Pond De-Icer is located. 

The De-Icer features a small open area in the center that vents gases caused by decomposing organic material such as uneaten food and organic waste. These gases could build up to a level that would be harmful even to fish and other critters hibernating in the pond. This design allows the use of an air pump for additional aeration and ventilation if needed. See item BE3015. 

Heavy duty plastic construction with double sealed cover and epoxy encapsulated heater unit insures maximum safety. The built-in thermostat turns on the heating unit only enough to keep the ice from forming over the vent hole. Saves a lot of money over larger heaters that operate all the time to keep the entire pond ice-free. Will not harm or damage plastic or rubber pond liners. ETL Safety Listing. 

  • Diameter: 12in 2-3/4" vent
  • Pond Size: up to 2000 gal
  • Watts: 120
  • Control: built-in Thermostat
  • Cord: 18ft
  • Safety: Epoxy sealed heater
  • Safety: Watertight Cover

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