Pond Care Pimafix, 64oz Treats 9500 US Gallons

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All-natural formula containing Pimenta racemosa rapidly treats fungal infections on body and fins of pond fish. Also treats internal and external bacterial infections. Pimafix has been formulated to work in combination with Melafix to enhance effectiveness against fish diseases.

Key Points:   
  • 64oz treats 9500 US gallons
  • Rapidly and safely treats fungal infections on body and fins of fish
  • Contains all-natural extract from West Indian Bay Trees to help with fungus and cottony growth
  • Helps heal internal and external bacterial infections in pond
  • Use daily for a week when treating infections
  • All natural formula
  • Use when introducing new fish
  • Use with Melafix in isolation tanks for severe cases
  • Safe for aquatic plants
  • Will not adversely affect biological filter, alter pH, or discolor pond water

Pimafix used in combination with Melafix:

Excellent when used with Melafix as 1-2 combination for treating both bacterial and fungal infections at the same time. Wound already present will heal much faster when both Pimafix and Melafix are used in combination.

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