API Pond Care AlageFix
API Pond Care AlageFix

Pond Care Algaefix EPA registered algaecide 64 oz treats 19,200 gal

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Pond Owners everywhere must deal with green algae. Pond Care Algaefix is powerful and acts quickly while taking out some of the guess work. Earlier algaecides were not selective but Pond Care Algaefix was developed to control single-cell algae, string algae and blanketweed without harming or damaging the decorative plants in the pond. Excellent for use in all types of ponds, fountains and water features keeping them clean & clear. E.P.A. Registration #8709-8. **NOT SOLD IN CANADA** or outside of the US. 

Key Points
  • Can be used in ponds with plants!
  • 64 oz treats 19,200 gallons.
  • Effectively controls single cell algae,
  • Also controls string hair algae & blanketweed
  • Controls existing algae and helps prevent new growth

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