Our new Low-Voltage pumps are here. We have two new models of pumps and combined with our low-voltage items you will be able to replace any small low-voltage system.

The RO320LV and RO400LV are ideal for smaller fountains up to 2 feet tall. RO320LV is ideal for smaller fountains with a flow rate of 70 gph max and the RO400LV with a flow rate of 93 gph will handle smaller fountains that require a lot of flow or fountains up to 27 inches tall.

It is now very easy to add a light to any fountain by using our existing 10 watt halogen light the RO100ML. This combination replaces the old Rena 10 watt light and pump combination, SI9VK, at a very competitive price. If you don't need a separate light and pump combination then the existing RO65LT still works well for very small fountains up 20 inches tall.