NEW! Larger Pumps for Ponds, Fountains, Water Features and Fluid Transfer

We are pleased to announce that our new larger pumps are now available from Rena OEM Sales. You can find them our web site 

This has been several years in the making, but we believe these new pumps will answer our customers’ needs for larger pumps. They are ideal for use in decorative ponds, waterfalls, and larger fountains and because they contain no oil, they can be used for general fluid transfer needs such as watering livestock. The “Hybrid Drive” units are much easier to clean, repair and service than larger pumps we sold in the past. Our factory has been working on this design and technology for several years and now it is available for purchase. 

What makes these pumps different? First, unlike most larger pumps we have maintained the ability to replace the impeller if damaged. This saves the consumer about 50% over the cost of a new pump. Secondly, we have maintained  energy efficiency which also saves the consumer money in the long run. 

The larger motors on these pumps generate more lift than our standard pumps while remaining compact and easy to place in larger installations or ponds. All these pumps feature a shielded intake and all, but one model can be used in-line by simply removing the grill cover. One model is specifically designed for the tight spaces in the bases of some fountains. The cord length of 33ft will accommodate most installations without cutting the cord. Also, they are reasonably lightweight for portable dewatering and feature a carry handle on the top and grooved sides which helps when transporting.

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