Just In - Energy Efficient Higher Volume Water Pumps

I am pleased to announce that after several years of development our new larger volume water pumps are available through and our own web site or purchase directly by calling our offices.

This range consists of 3 pumps that include everything you need in the box to install for a variety of applications, including water features, aquariums, fountains and ponds.

With flow rates ranging from 1100 gph to 1350 gph and lifts from 10.5 feet to 19ft max these 3 pump will be useful for many applications in the aquatics industry plus many other OEM applications requiring water pumps.

Whats in the box

Each water pump comes with 4 adapters. Three adapters for use with various size tubing and one adapter that can be used on the inlet or outlet to convert the pump for use with a standard garden hose. Also included in the box is a large prefilter with foam insert to use when pumping water that has particulates such as fountain or ponds. If you want additional filtration on the front it is very easy to remove this filter and the built in flow-control and replace with tubing of your choice that can be attached to a submersible or external filter.

These pumps can be used externally as well by removing the flow control and large filter and adding a length of tubing or pipe which connects directly basin drain in a larger fountain or water display. Other OEM applications such as electronic cooling also work well with this type pump.

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