High Pressure Air 325 L/h, 5 psi 120V/6Hz DISCONTINUED Some Parts Available

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The BE301A is pressure pump is based on the Rena 301 air pump and is now made in the USA. This air pump is an excellent pump for industrial applications. Known for its power and reliability this pump has replaced pumps costing twice as much in many commercial applications. It's simple design, easy maintenance, rugged construction and economical price make this a great choice for a variety of applications. The BE301 comes standard with a built-in variable flow control and is now UL approved (medical device). In addition, the BE301A can be easily customized with a variety of options. Uses: aquariums, ponds, bubble walls and bubble sculptures, medical devices, laboratory equipment, water purification, aeration, liquid agitation, air sampling, air monitoring, gas sampling, and other uses where a steady flow at lower volumes and pressure are needed.

  • Dimensions in: 5.5L x 2.93W x 2.12H
  • Type: Pressure
  • Max Pressure: 5psi
  • Outlets/Size: 1 pressure, 5.0mm
  • On-Off Switch/Flow Control: No (see BE301)
  • Intake/Filter: Bottom/Yes
  • Voltage: 120V 60Hz
  • Watts: 8
  • Cord Length ft: 7
  • Sound: < 45db
  • Weight: 21 oz
  • Warranty/Approvals: 1 yr, UL/CE
  • Made in USA

All Versions
  • BE301 Pressure, Case-Mounted on-off switch, 115v60Hz
  • BE301A Pressure, no switch, 115v60Hz
  • BE3011 Vacuum, Case-Mounted on-off switch, 115v60Hz
  • BE3011A Vacuum, no switch, 115v60Hz
  • BE301-E Pressure, Case-Mounted on-off switch, 230v50Hz
  • BE301A-E Pressure, Case-Mounted on-off switch, 230v50Hz
  • BE3011-E Vacuum, Case-Mounted on-off switch, 230v50Hz
  • BE3011A-E Vacuum, no switch, 230v50Hz
  • BE3012 Two Ports Vaccum/Pressure, Case-Mounted on-off switch 115v60Hz

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