Heron Fountain Ornament
Heron Fountain Ornament

Heron Statuary Fountain Ornament with Vertigre Finish *Not Available*

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Our elegant Heron fountain ornament works best for larger pools with a minimum diameter of 3 feet. This is the largest fountain ornament we offer and provides a nice stream of water into the pool. Also looks great sitting on the side or even above a small water garden. Provides as much surface agitation as many air pumps or fountain heads providing a healthier environment for both fish and plants. 

The recommended pump size for the Heron spitter ranges from 160 gph up to 300 gph if the Heron is situated above the pool. This type of ornament is a popular design and looks good in a variety of settings. The Heron ornament is very easy to setup and uses standard size tubing available most anywhere. 

Covered with fade resistant paint these resin ornaments show very nice details and weight. The finish will last many years even in direct sunlight. But if you find yourself wanting a change they are easily painted to match or contrast with other colors in your garden. 

  • Dimensions in: 5L x 4.5W x 15H
  • Color: Gray/Green
  • Material: Plastic Resin
  • Surface: Brushed/Weathered
  • Inlet: 3/8" & 1/2: Tubing
  • Outlet: Stream

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