As I traveled to my office today, Charlotte, NC was in a total lock down. I wondered what would happen? Would the police pull me over? Would I have to explain what I do for a living? How do you explain that you sell pet supplies mainly for fish? Is that an "essential service"? Expensive, yes, essential no. On the other hand most kids first learn about death when the family goldfish get buried at sea. That's an important life lesson.

My worries are over. I just got the word that pet supply stores are considered an essential service by the government entities and will stay open. At Rena OEM Sales we are here to supply those stores and businesses that remain open with water and air pumps, aquarium equipment and supplies plus equipment and supplies for ponds and fountains.

See the article below from PPN

The Efficient Strategies Independent Pet Stores Are Implementing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Pet Product News Staff

Published: 2020.03.24 02:03 PM

With the number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases mounting and government mandates designed to stop the spread of the virus seemingly escalating every day, pet supply stores are finding themselves in an unprecedented situation. 

A growing number of states are issuing their residents to stay at home and are also closing nonessential businesses, which left many retailers wondering if pet stores were considered essential. Last week, industry leaders urged government officials to exempt pet stores from mandatory closures—and the message, it seems, has been received. 

Pet supply stores have been deemed an essential business in the 17 states, 14 counties and eight cities that are urging citizens to stay home, as of press time.

Pet Product News (PPN) spoke with independent retailers across the U.S. to find out how coronavirus is impacting them, what they’re doing about it, and how they’re trying to make a difficult time easier on their customers and communities.


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