Q: The bracket(s) on the side of the canister that hold the canister clip have broken off. Now my canister won't seal.

A: The best solution is to replace the canister. However these are in short supply. So the next best thing you can do is to use long electrical straps that you can find in most hardware stores or home centers. The longer the better. These straps can be run under the canister up to the top and then pulled tightly into place. This generally works well but if you clean your filter regularly it is difficult to remove the straps when cleaning the filter. You many need a good supply of these to keep the filter going.

A2: Some folks have used epoxy on the little pieces of the bracket that break off. Some folks have had good luck with that others have not.


Q: My canister has a big crack on one side and it is leaking.

A: One of the things people forget is that plastic can get brittle with age. Filters older than 5 years can have canisters crack and leak. It can happen sooner if the canister gets a lot of UV light from a window or other sources of sunshine. Sometimes you can repair these cracks with epoxy. Other glues may work but I have no experience with that.

A2: Find a new canister online or salvage one from a used filter. Since these filters are now discontinued you might be able to find these at place like Ebay. Generally they are selling the entire aquarium and supplies but sometimes you can find someone selling just the filter. The is a great way to get spare parts at a fraction of the cost of new parts.

A3: If you are member of an aquarium society or no someone that can get into one of their auctions which they often use for fundraising you can also find people trying sell used equipment. A lot of work but sometimes pays off.


We still have plenty of canister clips, a few feet, baskets, grids and basket covers. The nice thing about the Filstar is that all of these parts are interchangeable.

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Next week: Parts for the motor (Top) of the Filstar

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