Fits all Filstar Filters
Fits all Filstar Filters

Filstar Foam 30ppi 2 pk (ADC840614) Fits All Rena & API Filstar Filters S,M,L,XL,XP1,2,3,4

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Rena Filstar XP 30ppi(pores per inch) foam is the second filter in a 5-step process used in the Filstar XP canister filter. The 30ppi foam and will trap finer particles than the 20ppi foam. These filters should be placed on top of the 20 ppi foam. This is an exact 2 pack replacement for the factory filters included in the Rena Filstar XP Filters. These filters will wear out over time and the foam will loose elasticity and volume as the cell walls collapse. Replace these filters for continued smooth operation of the filter.


API RENA Filstar L (XP3) External Canister Filter 350gph/175 gal aquarium
Discontinued by Mars Fishcare More Coming 2021 Parts Available
API Filstar XL Rena XP4 External Canister Filter 450gph/265gph aquarium

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