Dual Power- battery and outlet
Dual Power- battery and outlet

Emergency AC/DC Air Pump w/accessories from Rena OEM

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Emergency AC/DC Air Pump
Part Number: RO100DC
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Everyone should have a backup air pump for use during emergencies such as power outages, fish transport and keeping bait alive. The Rena OEM emergency air pumps work in all of these conditions to provide life saving emergency aeration when needed. The units come with air stones, short length of tubing but don't include batteries.

This type of pump has come a long way since Rena introduced a similar pump back in the early 1990's. One very big improvement is the addition of both AC and DC power on the units. This allows the pump to work under any electrical conditions and will save your batteries if AC is available. Also, the units can be plugged into AC and will automatically switch to DC when the power goes out! Now, if you have to leave your tank during uncertain electrical conditions you'll know your fish will get some aeration even if the power goes out while you are gone.

  • 120v60Hz AC or 12v DC
  • Dimensions in: 6-7/8L x 3-1/4W x 1-3/4H
  • Accessories: Airstone & Tubing
  • On/Off case mounted switch
  • Auto switch from AC to DC
  • 2 D batteries required, not included

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