API Tropical Fish Sinking Pellet Food 1.7oz for Angelfish, Tetras,Barbs & Discus

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Sinking Tropical Pellets are formulated with a nutritionally balanced formula including advanced proteins for easy nutrient absorption with less waste and ammonia released into the aquarium. Like all API fish foods they are highly palatable and aggressively eaten. Fish eagerly eat this new food due to the premium quality ingredients. This results in more food being eaten and less waste in the tank to be cleaned up. The easy pour canister is designed to protect ingredients from moisture and deliver precise amounts for easy feeding.

Key Points:
  • small sinking pellets
  • complete balanced diet for Angelfish, Tetras, Barbs and Discus
  • formulated with shrimp, seaweed and squid to promote growth and health
  • formulated with Garlic for added palatability
  • complete and balanced diet 

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