Nexx Inlet/Outlet Accessory Kit
Nexx Inlet/Outlet Accessory Kit

API Nexx Filter Inlet-Outlet Accessories (old 770I)

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Part Number: 772G
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This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer, Mars Fishcare. Some Inlet/Outlet pieces are the same as those used for API/Rena Filstar and be used with the Nexx Filter.
Inlet/Outlet Pipes Filstar Part No:
Outlet Pipe w/sprayer Filstar Part No: 840127-13
Suction Cups: 981617-00

These are original inlet/outlet accessories for the Rena Nexx filter system from API. It includes everything but the flexible tubing.

  • Suction Cups = 6 (1 extra)
  • Clips = 6 (1 extra)
  • Inlet/Outlet Tubes = 2
  • Outlet Spray = 1

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