Nexx Modular Filter System
Nexx Modular Filter System

API NEXX Filter 110 *Discontinued* Parts/Filters Available

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The Nexx filter can replace both cumbersome hang-on filters and finicky traditional canister filters. Although sold as a canister filter the Nexx filter is in a class by itself. You get the time saving benefits of hang-on filters such as "in-place" filter changes with the larger filter capacity of traditional canister filters. All without the cumbersome and time consuming maintenance chores of standard canister filters such as carrying heavy canisters with motors to the sink, emptying, messing with filter bags, priming and re-priming the filter to get it started. All which can take 30-60 minutes or more of your precious time every month. 

With the Nexx filter you get a modern European design canister filter that requires no priming, fast media changes (under 4 minutes) without ever unhooking the tubing or re-priming. An easy to access, clean and maintain eco-friendly power unit with built-in adjustable flow that runs on only 11 watts of electricity. The modular design allows you to increase your capacity up to a 165 gallon aquarium and there is nothing preventing you from running two, three- canister setups if you need more filtering capacity. 

The Nexx filter can also match traditional canister filters when it comes to the versatility and customization of the filter to match different types of aquariums including freshwater, saltwater and reef setups. The unit comes from the factory ready to use right out of the box. The standard media included will work with 80-90% of all aquariums without any changes. But, should you need something different, the Nexx filter can be easily adapted to use any filter media. The Nexx filter is truly a evolution in filtration. 

Specifications 110 Filter:
  • Capacity: 110 gal (200L)
  • Filters: 2 w/4 filter compartments
  • Flow: 153 gph w/media
  • Pump Flow: 260 gph max w/built-in adjustable flow
  • Filter Baskets: 4
  • Included Filters: 4 ea API BioChem Zorb Cartridges, 10 BioChem Stars
  • Weight Filled: 21 lb
  • Dimensions in: 11.4L x 6.5W x 13.6H (x2)
  • Motor Watts: 11
  • Approvals: UL listed pump
  • Also Available: Expansion Canister or Original Nexx Single Canister for 55gal Aquarium.

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