Kills Ich Fast
Kills Ich Fast

API Liquid Super Ick Cure 4oz Treats 118 US Gallons

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Ick is a very common problem in tropical and saltwater aquariums. If left untreated it will kill fish or at the minimum shorten their lives. Not to mention the ugly white spots on the fish. API Liquid Super Ick Cure works in 24 hours to kill the ich parasite (ichthyophthirius). It also contains natural healing agents which help replace the natural slime coating destroyed by the disease and acts as an extra layer of protection against Ick and other diseases. 

Key Facts
  • Kills the Ich Parasite, usually in 24 hours
  • Active ingredients: benzaldehyde green
  • Active ingredients: povidone/colloid mixture
  • Aquarium Type: Fresh & Saltwater
  • 4oz Treats up to 118 US Gallons

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