Filstar M (XP2) Motor w/Orings
Filstar M (XP2) Motor w/Orings

API Filstar M Motor Replacement & O-Rings #25 for API & Rena Filstar 2

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Part Number: 851505-00
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Original replacement motor for the API & Rena Filstar M & XP2. Includes a canister O-ring and impeller cover seal . It does not include the Quick Disconnect Unit, rotor/impeller and impeller cover . Replace if broken or if impeller does not spin when filter is plugged into an electrical outlet. Also can be used to restore a used filter.

Do not replace a motor if you think the flow is lower. The problem is more likely to be the Rotor/Impeller, Seals and Orings, Quick Disconnect and other parts that affect the flow through the filter.

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