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Back in January of this year Mars Fishcare announced that they were getting out of the carbon filtration business. Since they no longer sell any filtration systems they want to focus on water quality products, test kits and foods. So what does that mean for users of the Filstar, Super Clean and older filtration systems such as the Nexx filter?


At Rena Aquatic Supply we have sold out of all of the cartridge type filters such as the 4-sided Nexx Filters and all sizes of the Super Clean cartridges. The Four-Sided cartridges used in the Nexx Filtration system is the most difficult to replace. These cartridges were also used in an earlier hang-on filtration system called Smart Filter.


The good news is that as long as Mars continues to make the pouches of Filtration Media (#6 size) that were designed to be used with almost any filter you will have options for filtration media. This is especially true for the Nexx filter. It was designed from the beginning to be used with both the 4-sided cartridges and media bags.


If you have a Nexx filter you will actually have more access to different filtration media than less, since Mars discontinued the 4-sided cartridges completely in January of this year. There is a complete range of #6 media bags available that can be used and you can find them on our web site at www.RenaAquaticSupply.com.


Some tips for switching over to media bags instead of cartridges:

1: You should consider cutting a piece of filter foam for the bottom of the filtration chamber in the NEXX filter system. We used to make these foams but are just about sold out. This prevents tiny particles that might escape the bag from ending up back in your tank. The filter foam also grows bacteria for added biological filtration. 

2: As an alternative or in addition to the filter foam you can also add Bio-Chem Stars to the filtration chamber.

3: Any combination of these media bags could be used in the chambers. If you have an expansion chamber(s) attached to the main Nexx filter then each of these chambers can have any combination of these filtration bags. You can find all of these here.  We will also be adding these item to the Nexx Filter Section.

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