API Betta Water Conditioner 1.7oz x2 treats 40gal w/Aloe Vera & Green Tea Extract

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API Betta Water Conditioner is specially formulated for the unique needs of Betta Fish. Instantly removes chlorine and other toxic compounds while promoting fish health by including two botanical extracts. Aloe Vera to heal and reduce stress and Green Tree Extract which is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect fish red blood cells from damaging free radicals. Use when starting a new Betta bowl or aquarium and with every water change.

  • 2 pack enough to treat up to 40gal of tap water
  • instantly makes tap water safe
  • Unique formula contains natural healing agents
  • Green Tea Extract promotes health red blood cells
  • Dose: 6 drops per pint, 12 drops per quart

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