Low-Voltage Lights 4-Way Splitter
Low-Voltage Lights 4-Way Splitter

4 Way Socket Connection w 7' cord

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Now connect up to 4 lights to one transformer terminal. You are limited only by the wattage of the transformer. Use with AEPL102T 60 watt transformer and any lights with a threaded connection including those lights listed below:

  • AE150T 50 watt light external/submersible
  • AE320T 20 watt light (3 lights in series)
  • AE120T 20 watt light (external/submersible)
  • AE1008T 10 watt light submersible
  • AE110T Mini Pond Light 10 watt
  • AE112T LED Mini-Spot
  • AE236T LED light
  • AE312T LED (3 lights in series)
  • AE5030 50 watt halogen with base
  • PL2016T 20 watt halogen light

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